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                                                                                                                             Below are a few of our services. Feel free to contact me for custom services


My small business clients can testify to the fruitfulness of my consulting services. I work together with my clients to ensure success. My consulting specialty is Opening and successfully running a healthcare vocational school. 

Commencement Speech

Having graduated almost 10,000 students from my school, I am very familiar with students and graduating students' needs. I have offered many commencement speeches and will be glad to electrify your ceremony.

Employee Training

My experience in conducting employee training is vast and cuts across different disciplines. Whether your employees are in tens, hundreds or thousands, our training team can handle their training.

Conference Speaker

As an experienced conference speaker, I know how to customize different topics to suite the particular audience

Seminar Leader

I have been told countless times that my seminars are transforming. This is due to the level of audience involvement and how I pour out my experiences related to the subject.


As an annointed christian minister, I can speak at your church conventions and special occasions.


What our customers are saying

This seminar is so professional...I mean compared to our previous seminar leader,...we hope to see you again.

Employee- Westview Services


I definitely wish to take another class with you, Dr Jane!



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