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Professional Public Speaker, Entrepreneurial & Educational Consultant, Actor and Movie producer, Published Author

Who  Is Dr Jane John-Nwankwo ?

She is a professional public speaker, seminar leader, entrepreneurial and educational consultant , a movie producer, actor and a Christian minister. Looking for a female motivational, inspirational, speaker? Jane John-Nwankwo can hold any audience sitting straight on their chairs for any length of time! She is a published author of more than 100 books including textbooks for healthcare training, fiction for entertainment, books for new entrepreneurs as well as motivational and inspirational books like 'It’s in your hands', 'How to make a million in nursing', 'Success is for the ready' and many more.

She received her Masters of Science in Nursing, and a Ph.D in Education. Her speaking interests include: Motivational speeches for new business owners, Motivational speeches for any category of people, Employee seminars, Students’ Empowerment, Healthcare topics, Topics related to women and any Christian topic. She is the owner of the Lewabo an inspirational movie website

She resides in Riverside, Inland Empire, Southern CA, but travels nationally and internationally for speaking and consulting services.

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