Jane John-Nwankwo CPT, RN, MSN, PHN

Motivational  Speaker, Published Author, Consultant   

Are you ready to step up your business and get it running this year? Click here to contact me and let me show you the very first steps towards building the business of your dreams. My name is Jane John-Nwankwo. I am  the CEO of Dignity Educational Consulting Services. I am the owner of several successful businesses including 3 campuses of a healthcare vocational training school in California, a home care agency, a healthcare staffing agency, a successful publishing business with over 100 books in sale, to mention but a few. I offer customized consulting services tailored to helping each of my clients succeed. 

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We offer consulting services on:

 New Entrepreneurship (Starting and growing your own business)

 Our minimum consulting fee is $6,000 payable up front or $1000 monthly.

 We guarantee success in your business as we work together to your success.

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