Jane John-Nwankwo CPT, RN, MSN, PHN

Motivational  Speaker, Published Author, Consultant   

With more than 10 years as a professional female motivational speaker, Jane John-Nwankwo can hold any audience sitting straight on their chairs for any length of time! She resides in Southern California, but travels internationally for motivational speeches. She is a seminar leader and a published author of more than 50 books including textbooks for healthcare training, fiction for entertainment, books for new entrepreneurs and motivational and inspirational books like It's In Your Hands: 5 Strategies to Achieving Your Life Dreams and Don't worry Be Happy: 9 Principles of Leading a Successful Life

She received her Masters of Science in Nursing  from University of Phoenix, Her speaking interests include: Motivational speeches for new business owners,Motivational speeches for any category of people, Employee seminars, Students' Empowerment, Healthcare topics, Topics related to women and any christian topic. Book a speaking appointment today and become a repeat customer because of 100% satisfaction.

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Motivational Speaker